Is a Malaysia base registration venture investment portfolio manage by 5 pillars Ventures Sdn Bhd under the guidelines of securities commissions Proven Venture Capital We are founded on one primary guiding principle- Every Investment

About Us

Proven Venture Capital is a venture capital firm that firmly devotes itself to investing and support small start-ups’ business prospects. Established exclusively for passionate business fanatics with vastly untapped potential to grow into a world-leading business. Among the realm of giants, you may become the next tree above the clouds through our strategic partner’s IPO service within an exceedingly competitive Southeast Asia Market. 

We have dedicated ourselves to gaining an edge for our partners. Our superiority in regional experience, deep market knowledge as well as operational expertise help manufacture more beneficial value, all-the-while facilitating your business growth into transcendental realms. 

ProvenVC’s perpetually in the pursuit of our founding principle without ceasing. – “Every Investment Matters.”

IPO & Investments

ProvenVC Investment that Shapes the Next Big Bang 

ProvenVC’s investment focuses on businesses that show promising potential. We are constantly on the lookout for an opportunity with the means to invest in the next big bang business roaring in ambitions. For a hidden gem looking for a venture capital investment? Please feel free to send us your proposal! There are always diamonds in the rough within a booming market. Do not hesitate where destiny might arrive when we spur the growth of your blossoming business with our investments.

Ascending Your Business Through IPO with ProvenVC’s Strategic Partners

Landing on ProvenVC Strategic Partners’ venture capital investments is only the first part of our plan to ascend your business to the next level. Through our strategic partners, we open up the doorway for start-ups business into a blooming capital market ecosystem catering with services that propel your business towards becoming a fully-fledged listed company. The minute process will be bittersweet as the consequent result will be profoundly beneficial to any up-and-comers within the market. All start-ups looking to enhance their business should look no further than ProvenVC Strategic Partners’ Proven IPO Model.


Meeting our client goals is the true measure of our success. We seek to combine our expertise within a risk focused environment as we work towards delivering intended outcomes for clients.


Clients entrusting their investment decisions to us is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We understand that future plans and security depend on whether we deliver. Our relationships are not transactional – rather, they are partnerships built on trust. We are not simply a product manufacturer, but a partner seeking to evolve what we offer and provide expert insight to help inform client decision-making throughout the investment journey.


Our investment teams apply their expertise to analyse risk versus return potential, engage extensively with companies and invest with conviction. The teams are structured in ways that we believe are best suited to their asset classes and operate with an appropriate level of flexibility within a risk-managed environment. This means our teams are genuinely active, utilizing insight and originality in seeking to take advantage of market inefficiencies.

Investment Portfolio

Proven Venture Consistent and Conservative Portfolio


Focuses on mezzanine financing which is generally short term nature for special purpose needs to assist mostly public …

Proven Venture Synergy Portfolio


Has a combination strategy of both capital appreciation and consistent income. We emphasize the proposition to generate consistent income …

Proven Venture High Growth Portfolio


Emphasizes on capital appreciation via Pre IPO investment. With our strong past experiences, Proven team filtered and invest in the potential …

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